Hi-Plains Hull Company


Hi-Plains Hull Company operates a fleet of tractors and trailers utilized to provide quality products and services to the oil and gas industry as well as the farm and ranch industries.  Hi-Plains Hull Company maintains a stock of many products to service the requests any customer at a moments notice.  With an answering service connecting you to a dispatcher anytime, day or night, Hi-Plains Hull is capable of delivering product at the request of the customer.  

For the oil and gas industry:
Hi-Plains Hull Company offers cottonseed hulls, 60/40 blend of cottonseed hulls and cedar fiber, cedar fiber, and custom blends upon request.  All products are offered in 100# bags delivered in van trailers, palletized 40# and 50# bags, super sacks, and bulk solutions.  Equipment such as augers, super sack blowers, bulk blowers, and super sack hoppers are available to assist with introducing the lost circulation material into the mud system.  

For the farm and ranch industries:
Animal bedding in the form of fine ground cedar fiber is offered in a custom poly heat sealed bag.  This bag eliminates lost product through leaking valves and provides a strength to minimize lost product through broken paper bags.  Cedar fiber bedding is a preferred bedding by many.  Cedar fiber bedding provides stall insulation, bug control, odor control, and easy waste removal to name a few benefits.  Cottonseed hulls are also offered in similar packaging for a source of fiber roughage for large animals.  

Call us for more information and pricing on products to fit your needs and delivery to where you need them!