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·  Custom Blended LCM materials
·  Some of the best service in today's oilfield

More Hi-Plains Hull Company Blower Information

Hi-Plains Hull Company operates a fleet of 16 tractors and over 130 trailers geared to support its oilfield operations.  Founded in 1983, Hi-Plains Hull Company is currently owned by John and Benny Deal of Perryton, Texas.  With its current staff and support structure, Hi-Plains Hull Company is capable of serving all of todays lost circulation needs.  

Hi-Plains Hull currently offers material in 100 and 50 pound poly sacks, 100 and 50 pound burlap sacks, palletized 50 pound paper sacks, as well as bulk solutions.

Spearheading the reseach into bulk delivery systems, Hi-Plains Hull Company has 2 methods of bulk hull delivery.  One method utilizes moving material from a bulk van trailer while the other relies on 1,600 pound super sacks.  Each machine is suited to certain circumstances and one works better than the other depending on the rig configuration.  

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·  100 tractors and
·  Dedicated fleets
·  Heavy hauling


·  Rigorous driver
   testing and
·  Comprehensive
·  Day-to-day
·  24-hour emergency response
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